Matt Wilkins

Matt Wilkins

Founder & CEO

Galactic Polymath Education Studio

About Me

I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, where I went to public K-12 schools and now live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In between, I’ve built houses with Americorps, done biological research in 7 countries, and taught at the elementary to graduate school level.

These experiences have led me to have a deep frustration with two connected and ever-widening fissures in US society—the gap between what experts and the public know to be true; and the quality of education available to students from rich and poor families.

In February of 2021, I quit my job teaching and doing research in a collaboration between Vanderbilt University and Metro Nashville Public Schools to focus my time on running Galactic Polymath Education Studio. The goal of this company is to help scientists, nonprofits, and sustainable companies achieve scalable outreach by translating cutting-edge research into mind-blowing FREE K-12 lessons.

With GP, we are trying to test out a new, more equitable business model. While most education companies are funded by charging teachers subscriptions, our lessons are free for everyone. We are funded by translating clients' complex work into engaging, standards-aligned learning experiences. For this venture to be a success, we need your help! If you support our mission please • hire us • sign up for GP Updates • email me to discuss a collaboration or • just tell a friend what we’re doing.

In my spare time, I love creative writing, cooking, and making people laugh. I’m also supremely lucky to be married to the incredible biologist, data scientist, and all-around wit: Emily J. Hudson, PhD.

My full CV

  • Interdisciplinary learning
  • Teaching with stories
  • Building empathy through data literacy (data empathy)
  • Monty Python, Batman, and lots of TV & movies
  • PhD in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, 2014

    University of Colorado at Boulder

  • BA in Ecology & Evolution + Spanish Linguistics, 2006

    Vanderbilt University


I like to write short science fiction in my spare time. So far, I’ve only published one. Let me know on Twitter if you enjoy it :)
Popular Press
My efforts to inform and engage the public in research and education topics.
Popular Press
Though I have pivoted out of a traditional academic track, I am still continuing some work from my PhD and postdocs.

Media Coverage

I’ve been invited on a few podcasts in my capacity as a science communicator and a biologist trying to sound the alarm bell about the plastic pollution problem.
Interviews and news coverage stemming from my work as a biologist, science communicator and educator.