I dabble in filmmaking. Here are some projects, from serious science to silly, mostly falling in between.

Teaser trailer for my first Numbat Media project. (Numbat Media is a science communication side effort of mine.)

"Pygids" (the full 3min video), which I made with PhD Candidate Tyler Corey, won the 2016 Evolution Film Competition, the 2016 International Arachnology Congress Film Competition, and the 2017 Arizona State Science Showcase ("Most Awesome Science Video" Category)

"One Minute Science: Sparrow Song"– A short film about PhD candidate Emily Hudson's work on how golden-crowned sparrows learn to differentiate the songs of their own species from closely related white-crowned sparrows they encounter on nesting grounds in Alaska and Canada.

What is Condor Watch? I made this video for the Condor Watch Zooniverse citizen science project