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  • MF RosenthalMR Wilkins, D Shizuka, EA Hebets. A systems approach to animal communication reveals dynamic changes to display architecture and function across signaling environments. Evolution 72 (5): 1134-1145 Journal Site Read Only Link
  • MR Wilkins, ESC Scordato, G Semenov, H Karaardıç, D Shizuka, A Rubtsov, PL Pap, S-F Shen, and RJ Safran. Global song divergence in barn swallows (Hirundo rustica): exploring the roles of genetic, geographic, and climatic distance in sympatry and allopatry. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 123 (4): 825-849 Journal Site  All song recordings & individual measurements

  • JK Hubbard, AK Hund, II Levin, KJ McGraw, MR Wilkins, RJ Safran (2017) The importance of cross-validation, accuracy, and precision for measuring plumage color: a comment on Vaquero-Alba et al. The Auk 134 (1): 34-38 Journal Site PDF
  • ESC Scordato, MR Wilkins, G Semenov, A Rubtsov, N Kane, RJ Safran. Phenotypic and genomic variation in two avian hybrid zones. Molecular Ecology 26 (20): 5676-5691  Journal Site  Accepted MS PDF

  • MR Wilkins, H Karaardıç, Y Vortman, TL Parchman, T Albrecht, A Petrzelkova, L Özkan, P Pap, JK Hubbard, A Hund, RJ Safran. Phenotypic differentiation is associated with divergent sexual selection among closely related barn swallow populations. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 29 (12): 2410–2421 Journal Site  Accepted MS  Data
  • RJ Safran, Y Vortman, BR Jenkins, JK Hubbard, MR Wilkins, RJ Bradley, A Lotem (2016) Phenotype evolution through divergent sexual selection. Evolution 70 (9): 2074-2084 Journal Site  PDF

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  • RJ Safran, ESC Scordato, MR Wilkins, JK Hubbard, BR Jenkins, T Albrecht, SM Flaxman, H Karaardıç, Y Vortman, A Lotem, P Nosil, P Pap, S Shen, S-F Chan, T Parchman, NC Kane (2016) Genome-wide differentiation in closely related populations: the roles of selection and geographic isolation. Molecular Ecology 25 (16), 3865–3883 Journal Site  Accepted MS  PDF
  • MN Vitousek, O Tomášek, T Albrecht, MR Wilkins, RJ Safran (2016) Signal traits and oxidative stress: a comparative study across populations with divergent signals. Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution 4 (56) Journal Site PDF

  • MR Wilkins, D Shizuka, MB Joseph, JK Hubbard, RJ Safran (2015) Multimodal signalling in the North American barn swallow: a phenotype network approach. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 282 (20151574) Journal Site PDF Supp
  • RL Rodríguez, M Araya-Salas, DA Gray, M Reichert, L Symes, MR Wilkins, RJ Safran, G Höbel (2015) How acoustic signals scale with body size: common trends in static allometry across diverse taxa. Behavioral Ecology 26 (1), 168-177. Journal Site PDF


  • MR Wilkins, N Seddon, RJ Safran (2013) Evolutionary divergence in acoustic signals: causes and consequences. Trends in Ecology & Evolution. 28(3), 156-166. Journal Site PDF Supp

  • RJ Safran, KJ McGraw, MR Wilkins, JK Hubbard, & J Marling (2010) Positive carotenoid balance correlates with greater reproductive performance in a wild bird. PLoS ONE, 5(2), e9420. Journal Site PDF

In Revision
  • CD Francis*, MR Wilkins* Testing the strength and direction of selection using metabolic theory of ecology: a case study using vocal communication (* shared first author)

Next up
  • MR Wilkins, MD Merz, RJ Safran. Signal honesty and sexual selection: The role of trill rate in barn swallow communication
  • MR Wilkins, D Shizuka, RJ Safran. Comparing barn swallow phenotype networks: sexual selection and phenotypic integration

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