Outreach Projects

Galactic Polymath Logo: Think Bigger, Learn Everything

Galactic Polymath is a company I founded in April 2020. It is an education studio that will work to democratize knowledge currently paywalled in esoteric journals by building a direct bridge between Academia and K-12 classrooms.


It's widely believed that scientists are really bad at conveying their expert knowledge. The research community is increasingly motivated to change this misconception. Scientists all over the world are now making blogs, podcasts, & other creative multimedia to engage a broad audience in how amazing and integral science is to our daily lives. But they each struggle to build a small audience from scratch. Through Numbat Media, I want to help scientists tell their stories in words, photos & film, and connect the public to other great, untapped resources. It's cool science, straight from the source!


Due to the success of UNL SciComm 2015, I led the steering committee for SciComm 2016, Sep 23-24, which included a workshop run in conjunction with the National Alliance for Broader Impacts, a big public outreach event called Science Night Live!, and a symposium with over 30 presentations! Find out all about it on this Storify! And watch all the talks here!


In 2015, I organized a one-day symposium on effective science communication. Fifteen speakers from nine University of Nebraska Departments, the University of Colorado, and Doane College presented on topics from best practices and innovations in science communication to socio-psychological challenges of public engagement. 


Nerd Nite hosts monthly gatherings in over 120 cities worldwide. People get together to listen to 3 talks from all manner of nerdy subjects, have drinks, and make new friends. Nebraska didn't have one, so I started one in Lincoln, with the help of UNL grad students Rachael DiSciullo & Lindsey Coit.